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3 Ways to Overcome Downloading Restrictions

Downloading is nowhere a socially-acceptable behavior. While Ukrainian or Swiss residents face no problems with downloading files, residents of the US or Germany may pay fines and even get to jail. If you live in a country with a strict government regulation over downloading and still want to have free access to video and audio files, you should learn how to use torrents staying not detected by country’s officials. And here you can find three of them which are widely used by citizens of countries prohibiting sharing and downloading illegal files:

  1. Using Tor browser;
  2. Using Proxies for changing IPs;
  3. Using Virtual Private Networks.

Using Tor Browser

This anonymous browser was developed for the US Navy in order for their Internet usage being private and undetected by any spy force. Now it is not used by Government but its developers have created a non-profit organization aimed at increasing of online privacy around the Globe.

How does Tor browser work? Very simply! When you open your browser and try to access any site, its data does not go directly to a server of your ISP but it goes through several servers. So, when Internet Service Providers try to access data about users visiting the best torrenting sites 2017 users’ data, they track the road from computer to the first server, without receiving access to a site itself. All data is encrypted so there is practically nothing which ISPs can find out about your activity.

In contrast to proxies and virtual private networks, this browser is free. But the main drawback is its low speed. Using Tor browser you become vulnerable to hackers’ attacks so you should think carefully whether you are ready to sacrifice speed and safety for higher anonymity. Anyway, with good antivirus and stable Internet connection, you can use any torrent clients and sites with no restrictions.

Using Proxies

One way of using torrents websites legally is through crossing a border and downloading all files with IP of a country without strict copyright regulations. Another way – is through changing your IP while staying in one country. This is possible with the right proxy. A lot of them don’t require money to pay so the only thing you need for using them is a stable Internet connection.

How does it work? Everybody knows that users are connected with their country’s ISP by a special IP address. So, when they switch to their proxy – it shifts them to a unique IP, while not disconnecting users from the provider. They can still browse the Internet but when ISP tries to track what sites they’ve visited, it cannot do that. It cannot find IP address of your initial connection. As this search is mostly provided by robots, they would not try to find you if they failed doing that once. As a result, you use Internet connection anonymously and your ISP will not detect you downloading some song or a movie.

Using VPN

Virtual private networks are much more sophisticated tools than simply proxies and anonymous browsers. They allow users doing a lot of activities increasing anonymity of their usage:

  1. They allow changing IP addresses to those of countries where regulations against downloading are not very strict;
  2. They encrypt all data you send and receive with the most contemporary encoding mechanisms. Thus, your data will be disclosed neither by government agency nor by a hacker seeking your internet usage data;
  3. They allow using Internet anonymously without lowering their speed of connection and downloading.

Virtual Private Networks are legal tools. Officials can restrict downloading but they cannot restrict using VPNs as they remain the main way for users for staying anonymous and robust to hackers’ attacks. So, even if someone sees you downloading or sharing any audio or video file, they cannot accuse you as they cannot get any confirmation of your activity.

The only warning you should know about – don’t search for free VPNs. This company allows encrypting your data for free if either it wants you paying for a higher level of service or if it wants to earn money in another way. Sometimes, free VPNs sell users’ data to interested partners thus violating the purpose of any VPN: helping you use your Internet connection privately. The more you pay – the better service and the higher level of Internet privacy you get.

Which Way is the Best for Me?

Most people seeking anonymous Internet connection choose their alternative by the amount they should pay. That is why most users sacrifice safety and speed using anonymous browsers. Anyway, you should think carefully, which way is the most comfortable for your online habits. Do you like to use torrents twenty minutes in a week or you should download huge amounts of files? Do you prefer waiting for downloading this page for a minute to not paying extra 2$ per month? You are to choose the best option for your online activities but don’t consider price as your main criterion. Anyway, you will pay much more if with the wrong provider your torrents data will be disclosed.

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