Assimilate & ScopeBox

This video shows how to setup ScopeBox from Divergent Media with any Assimilate software, including SCRATCH, Live Looks, Live Assist and Play Pro. assimilateinc.comdivergentmedia.com

ProRes RAW Dailies In Assimilate SCRATCH

A Quick demonstration of how to load, grade and export ProRes RAW clips in Assimilate SCRATCH.

Join Us For Our Next Online Session About Dailies Done On SCRATCH

Register now: ASSIMILATE Creative Boost “Dailies done on SCRATCH”   Wednesday, May 20th 10:00 Los Angeles | 13:00 New York | 18:00 London | 19:00 Berlin       Register for Online Event   What is this online event about?…

Learn Scratch – Lesson 8 – Outputting Part 1 – The Output Tree

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe starts talking about outputting your timelines. You might be thinking that this is a little early in the process to start learning about outputting, however once you have footage in your project, and have…

Learn Scratch – Lesson 7 – Working with Notes

By Kevin P McAuliffe In this lesson I talk about notes that you can attach to your clips inside of Scratch. Whether they are for telling another colorist about something wrong, or something that needs attention on a shot, or…

Learn Scratch – Lesson 6 – Basic Conforming

By Kevin P McAuliffe In this lesson Kevin talks about Basic Conforming. One of the first steps you’ll take in Scratch is to either import footage, or bring in a timeline from another NLE for you to finish in Scratch….

Learn Scratch – Lesson 5 – Syncing Audio

By Kevin P McAuliffe In this lesson, we talk about audio sync. There will be many situations where you will have audio that has been acquired in the field, and you’ll need to sync it up as quickly as possible….

Learn Scratch – Lesson 4 – Scaling & Guides

By Kevin P McAuliffe In this lesson, we talk about how to scale your footage, assuming you’re working with larger than HD footage, into an HD timeline for exporting for a dailies workflow. Not only is knowing how to do…

Learn Scratch – Lesson 2 Importing Clips For Dailies

By Kevin P McAuliffe In Scratch, you’re either working on creating Dailies for a client, or you’re working on conforming an offline for a finished online. Depending on your workflow, you will use different methods to import clips, based on…

Learn Scratch – Lesson 1 – Introduction & Project Setup

By Kevin P McAuliffe In the first lesson, in our Learn Scratch Tutorial series, I will walk you through what you need to know to get your first project set up and ready to go. Don’t forget to hit subscribe…

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